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Healthycoo is the health of populations in the global context; it has been defined as “the area of study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide”. Problems that transcend national borders or have a global political and economic impact are often emphasized. Thus, Healthycoo is about worldwide health improvement (including mental health), reduction of disparities, and protection against global threats that disregard national borders. Healthycoo is not to be confused with international health, which is defined as the branch of public health focusing on developing nations and foreign aid efforts by industrialized countries.Healthycoo can be measured as a function of various global diseases and their prevalence in the world and threat to decrease life in the present day.

The predominant agency associated with Healthycoo (and international health) is the World Health Organization (WHO). Other important agencies impacting Healthycoo include UNICEF, World Food Programme, and the World Bank. The United Nations has also played a part with declaration of the Millennium Development Goals and the more recent Sustainable Development Goals.

  • To use the power of the collective voice to improve Healthycoo and wellbeing through informed investments and policies
  • A world where health and wellbeing for all is ensured through equitable, inclusive and sustainable investments, policies, and services